Monday, 24 July 2017


Hello Friends ,
I just don't know where the days go. We had a nice weekend and we went out Sunday , the weather was a bit messy but today the sun is out and it's very hot.
Thank you all for the lovely comments last week . 
I have been busy and will show you what I will enter in the 
Garden & Craft show next week. 
Yes it is that time again .
It seems all go at the moment but I am getting there just taking things one at a time . I can't rush like use too.
So first up my stitching this last week .

Mouse sent this to me sometime ago for this years big birthday.
 Thank you little Mouse.

 Mani di Donna  by Simona Bussiglieri.

                            Hornbook Series I Flowers .
 I have placed my stitching the other way around from the pattern I liked it better this way.

 And my WIPS this week.
I am having a ball rotating all my WIPs 

Lovely flowers from Chris and the group of boys at our local boxing club and keep fit club .

                                  And lovely card  .

Thank you so much everyone.
 I can't leave  you without some flowers and also I forgot to show you all the cards from last month.

Look at my lovely cards .

                                     Some stitched.

Well my friends it's time to leave you now have a good week 
be good and have fun .

Sunday, 16 July 2017


Hello friends ,
These weeks come around so fast.
Anyway how are you all enjoying your summer I hope .
You all know the song Summer time and the living is easy  ! I wish  
there is so much to do , and in and out of the house , I can see dust everywhere but can't be having with it on a sunny day it can wait a bit longer .
I have been in and out most of this week but did a little bit of stitching .
I forgot to take a photos of my beautiful cards so will do this next time.
 DH is out shopping so thought I would pop on here for a moment.
So enough of me lets get on and show my stitching, and I know lots of you love to come walk with me into the garden.
                       Here's Betsy from Alpha Betsy's House 
                                   by Needle Notions 

I still need to stitch a few more stitches on her then I can make her up into a pin cushion.
Time for myself by Soda stitch is coming along .



                                A few more gifts from friends.
From my lovely friend Carole this beautiful swan cup candle , thank you so much.

  Another beautiful candle from my club thank you Liz for buying the gift , it's just beautiful with all the dried flowers around the candle holder.

Are you ready to walk into my garden , I wish you could just smell all the scents right now.
 First up the roses.

            The one above and below were from cuttings.

Do you want more roses well we take lots of cuttings ,
When you cut back your roses in the Autumn or Spring , my DH put the cutting in a bucket of soil , then months after, lots of them had taken and we have lots more rose bushes, we done the same this year and here they are in a bucket flowering away.

 They are true to form and we know which roses they came from and they are just like their parent plant.
So what you do is fill a bucket up with any soil , take a cutting say about 10ins and just push 3ins down  in towards the edge of the bucket take a few more and do the same and pop in a corner and forget about them , some will die but allot will have shoots you can remove the ones that don't shoot , now leave for a year then the second year you can pot up into it's own pot and leave to grow on , once it makes a nice size just pop into the garden . Don't forget in the winter months they will look dead all roses do, so wait until the summer to do this , we have made now about 12 new roses and if your friends have a nice rose ask them for a cutting when they prune their roses , it's really simple we don't use any thing else.
   So that's my tip of the day ha.
      And now my lovely Lily's but be sure to watch out for that red bug that attracts this plant.

Well that's it folks  I wish you all a lovely summers week
Thank you all my dear friends for the wonderful comments you leave me.
I am just off to do a little weeding and cutting back then I have an ice cream Magnum waiting for me , what could be better.
We will have music later there is a big show on down the road with lots of bands one is UB 40 so I may be dancing around the garden  ha.

Sunday, 9 July 2017


 Hello to all my friends ,
are you melting in this sunshine, I love sunny days but it is a little hot when you are busy , and not sleeping well in the heat.
But I love the morning sun and watching those little sparrows playing in the water and around the rose bushes they make me smile every day , one little sparrow was sitting on my window sill looking in the other day so cheeky .
Well what a week we have had we have been out most days and I only had to cook once last week.
I spent a lovely day with my family , we had friends pop in from Wales , and we also have our own day once a week where we go out for lunch .
So with that and lots of other things it's been very busy.
I did get a little stitching in and I have more gifts from friends , so my birthday is lasting a long time .
                                    Another WIP 
Friends in the sunshine , ( ha just like you and me ) by Sarah Kay .
I started this last Summer before I went on Holiday and then it was Autumn and had to rush to do my Christmas stitching, so it went into that box where I love to go into now and again with my UFOs 

                            This I found in an old WOCS magazine , 
I just love any stitching with little girls on it like Sarah and Holly .
I am always looking for these type of charts , and oh Peter Rabbit don't you just love him, so you can see I often go back to my childhood .
                              So she is out of my box and I have put some stitching in this the past week .

 And also worked on Vera this last week . So before 

And now.

So lets see what I feel like stitching this week , this is so much fun.
I am also working on a few gifts too which I can't show right now.
Well I have more lovely gifts to show from my wonderful friends.
My sweet friend Ann brought me thimble themed  gifts and this week at club she brought in another gift she had just finished .
Look at this box she always makes her own and the pretty bows .

                       Love it Ann , I shall use this allot.

A back stitched thimble thread holder , thank you so much Ann .

 From another lovely friend Karen from the USA .
Beautiful charts and a lovely Angel charm to hang up in my conservatory  

Thank you Karen I love every thing and I am going to be very busy this coming Autumn with all my stitching .
Love the pillow backing to match my chart.

Thank you all my friends for your kindness , I still have the last few to show you next time.
Lets go outside for a moment .
I have had some beautiful roses this year , but it's a bad year for black spot the roses are so stressed with the hot weather.
I was talking to our friend Vickie last week and I told her we do take lots of cutting from roses and we have new ones to plant out each year,  also if some one buys me roses I never throw them away after flowering we pop the into the garden some take some don't but I do get some beauties that do , next week I will show you our bucket of new roses for next year and how to look after them.

The day lily.

                 I love this one above so pretty .
          Well I am back inside with a few cut flowers now .
                                Sweet peas the smell is so sweet .

Thank you again for all the wonderful comments , I am so happy you enjoy my posts .
My cup of tea is calling so is my Fry's Turkish delight oh dear I could eat these in 100's .
Have a good week all and try and keep cool.
Untill next week take care.

Sunday, 2 July 2017


Hello friends ,
I am so running behind I am still in June and it's now July ! 
Where did this last week go ! I really don't know.
Well this is a lovely weekend it is lovely and warm not to hot just right .
I have a busy week coming up lots going on with family and friends. 
So I am going to be a busy bee. 
So lets get started with my sewing, then I have more gifts that my sweet friends have sent me , how lucky I am to have so many special friends from all over the world and also at home.
 So here is the first little stitch .

So cute love this one it was from a magazine and should have been a card but I thought it was a great one for my strawberry display .
The backing material was ideal makes me think of strawberries 
Designer was Lesley Teare.
 I could not start my Humming birds I sent for material and it was damaged so I have just reordered .
So I have pulled out this one to work on .

Fell in love with this one the sewing set is just beautiful .
               And here is my lovely sewing girl 

Gifts from Friends.
I also have just finished my Victorian Lady for our show 
I backed stitched her dress and beaded and stitched the lace gloves.
Can't show you yet but in a few weeks , I must say I am so pleased with her.
From my lovely friend Sally .

From our sweet friend Vickie from the USA  such a sweet stitched card.

From our sweet friend Carol from the USA

From my sweet friend Nancy USA

And the below all from my sweet friend Titty from Italy 
 Lovely scarf ready the the winter .

Oh my so many wonderful gifts from my darling friends
I love you all .
And there  are more next week I can't get them on to one post .
So just before I love and leave you a little gardening.

Already turning red.

Cucumbers and baby tomatoes.
Peppers by the dozens

We found this in a garden tools sale it was a dirty green colour So hubby sprayed painted it.
Makes a great plant hanger.

Well before I over grow my post today ha.
I will leave you hope you all have a wonderful week.
Thank you once again for all the lovely comments .
Just going up to the summer house to read the paper and enjoy an ice cream , well why not it's summer. 
leaving you with a new rose we took from a cutting.