Friday, 19 May 2017


Hi everyone how are you all .
Enjoying May I hope soon moving on to Summer !
Well I have been doing a little Spring cleaning but not really in the mood for it.
I thought I would put on a new post , I am just waiting for the lock smith , to see whats wrong with my front door it is not locking .
So he should be here soon. 
We have showers again today and sunshine for moments.
The garden is growing away and I just can't keep up with it this year  it's all growing so fast or is it me getting slower ha.
OMG yes it could be that I am getting slower I have a BIG birthday just around the corner , I am just hoping I have it wrong but no I just counted the years and yes it's right .
Oh dear I  have so much to stitch and I need a life extension. 
Can anyone help.
The only good thing people don't believe me ha.
Ok I just thought I would start another WIP so here we are just a little peep .Oh dear now it's making me want some cake .

I have been stitching but can't show you yet but will soon, so here is my other WIP  Growing slowly.

 I just found this needle book from years ago 2006 ! thought you might like to see it , always a nice gift to make for a stitching friend, this I think was a free chart but I added my own bits on the 

Just stepping into the garden before another shower of hail.

 Toms are green and growing soon be picking.

I thing the cucumbers are ready I think I will pick one for tea .
Well that's it for this week , but hope to show you more soon .
Thank you once again for the lovely comments it means so much to me , enjoy a lovely week.

Friday, 12 May 2017


Hello everyone ,  I do hope you are enjoying the beautiful month of May .
I love this month the best of all.
 You see lots of May blossom on the trees everywhere you go and the garden is bursting out everywhere.
I have never known a year when we still have spring flowers out the same time as summer flowers , it's wonderful.

Well where have I been , well we are so busy right now and I am doing some catching up on family and my lovely friends so it's been a nice week , we even had lunch out twice  this week .
So not allot of stitching but I am still working on my WIP and just stitched another Christmas Ornament , I have a big basket of ones to finish sometime.
I have lots almost stitched but will show you soon.
So better get this blog on and I may stitch for an hour , I have been catching up with  some cleaning today . I keep telling myself hurry then you can stitch , but it's funny you start one job and then another and so on , so now I set a time , I think it works better.
So here I have a wee little Christmas stitch.

             Gingerbread Cookies by JBW Designs 

 I stitched over one on 28ct you can see the sparkle on the material
                           With DMC  threads .
                                 And here a photo of my WIP 
                                              Last time .

                                        And now .

I told you not allot of difference.
Come on we must go outside , so much to see.

Lots of green fly and black spot this year. 

Also I have had lots of flowers this week from friends
Photo taken of  just one vase.

And I just wanted to show you these flowers DH cut them for me from the garden, look at the size of the tulip !

Thank you my friends once again for the lovely comments , always means so much to me .
Enjoy your week , I will be coming to visit your blogs soon .

Monday, 1 May 2017


Hello everyone , 
Well here we are the start of May.
I am trying to keep up with everything , even though we are very busy right now.
I am growing lots of seeds and pricking them out .
And de-heading the old flower heads.
We had our first heavy rain yesterday for over a month so that will do the garden so good.
I have stitched a little but again not much time to spare last week or this week then I hope to be back to normal.
So lets show you first another little stitch I stitch for Easter.
                   Sweet little rabbits playing in the sunshine.

                         Design by the lovely Dany.
                        Called Printemps Dans Le Pre .
                  Stitched on a off white 28ct evenweave .
                              and any dmc  thread .
                 May brings such beautiful flowers
                   and these are ones I love so much Lilly Of The Vally .

                           Wonderful perfume .
                    And now my WIP Last time .

And now.

I was out shopping one day last week and found some frames going cheap so just had to have them .

                 The hearts were just £1.50 in the sale.

And this one £2.50 from a second hand shop .
Now I will keep looking to see what I can stitch to fit in them.
Come on take my hand while you are here and lets see what we have in the garden that's in bloom.

                             Many of my roses are out now.

A white tulip.

I will show you more next time
I am trying to make my back garden into a old cottage garden .
With flowers out most of the year but it takes a few years to get it all growing to how I want it.
Thank you again for your kindness lovely comments and your friendship wishing you all a lovely May.

Saturday, 22 April 2017


 Hello friends ,
Well last weekend went by so quick ! 
I never got to put a blog on.
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter .
We had a lovely one , our daughter came over for dinner and a friend popped in , we spend time in the garden and I did get some stitching time . 
After a very busy week we have another busy week coming up too so it was nice to have a few days rest.
I never had the time to put many Easter decorations out this year , just a couple of Peter Rabbits .
I did manage to stitch a couple of ornaments one I have finished and one I will show you next time.
And yes we have roses in April this is a first for us , must be 6-8 weeks early this year .
I try and get out into the garden each day and love growing all different plants , and taking cuttings to start new plants .
I love to watch the birds and this is where I wast time I could sit for hours watching them .
So I will start with my ornament.

Decorative delights, by Maria Diaz.

                          Using 28ct and DMC threads .

                           Before my WIP looked like this.

And after.

Not allot of stitching this time 
Just to busy .
This week I had some lovely gifts from my dear friends

From my beautiful friend Titty from Italy 
Look at the pretty way she wraps these pretty gifts.

And here are the lovely gifts with a beautiful stitched bag .
Thank you Titty for your kindness . 

And from the lovely Nathalie from France

Thank you so much Nathalie
I will take a photo of the hanging rabbits next time,
They are hanging on 
the side of my summer house

And yesterday more gifts from my sweet and lovely friend Karen from the US.

Lots of wonderful goodies 

Thank you Karen such a sweet package.
And here is my first rose in April this is a first for me and now we have lots of them coming out.

 Thank you for the lovely comments , and hope you all have a beautiful weekend.